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Mechanical Services

Global Auto Group, Inc. offers many varieties of mechanical services.

All kind Vehicle Repairs: From Engine, Transmission, Tuning service and many more services.

Semi-Truck & Trailer Repairs: From Engine overhaul, Transmission, Compressors, AC, Electrical and much more.

Boat Repairs and Maintenance: Engine Winterize, AC System Winterize, Winterize cold and hot water system and much more.

Motorcycle Repairs and Maintenance: Engine repairs, modifications and much more.

Many more equipment repairs: Welding Services, project planning, custom fabrication and much more. Just ask what we can do for equipment you need to work on.

Parts Assistance: Do you like to work on your own vehicle? We can provide space for you to work and get you the parts you need at wholesale cost so you can save even more money. We have our commercial accounts at many wholesale distributors where dealers buy their parts and now you can too at the lowest prices on the market today. If you have been wanting to change a part but don’t want to spend that money on your German, Japanese or American cars, WE CAN HELP! Just give us a call and find out how.

We can also recommend different mechanic shops in your area for any break downs you have, either it’s on your vehicle, semi-Truck, Semi-Trailer, boat, motorcycle or any other equipment you need to get fixed at a reasonable price and at a great service, where you get on the road quickly, safely and cost efficiently.